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StoryTelling Through Film Making!

Teacher:  Emir Kapetanovic

Ages 6-9, 9-11, 11-14

Homework:  Yes!  Students will sometimes need to work on their scripts, storyboards, ideas for props and costumes, editing, and more! 


"Storytelling Through Film Making" is a program designed to introduce students to the captivating world of filmmaking. Through a series of hands-on workshops, collaborative projects, and practical exercises, participants will learn the fundamentals of storytelling, cinematography, directing, editing, and more, culminating in the production of their short films. Films will be screened at our Film Fest at the end-of-year Exhibition Night!

Fall: “Can it go like this?” In this session, students will embark on a creative journey to re-imagine and adapt their favorite existing stories or movies into their unique versions. Whether it’s transforming a classic tale into a modern-day story or giving their favorite film a different twist, this unit provides a platform for understanding storytelling through film. The main focus of the fall unit is the exploration of storytelling elements such as plot, character, setting, and theme.

Winter: “Do you have a minute?” Now that they’ve learned the basics, students will spend their Winter session learning how to enhance their storytelling skills by creating their very own one-minute film!  In this unit, students will be introduced to scriptwriting, storyboarding, and understanding shot sizes, angles, and camera movements.


Spring: “You need to see this!” Once we’ve made our previous two films, it’s time to tell a story that matters!  We’ll use our Spring session to bring together all of the skills students have already learned to tell a story that matters to them, their community, and the world they live in, by creating a 3-5 minute film. This unit will be focused on directing and acting through guided film shoots where participants will work in small groups to bring their scripts to life. After they’ve done with filming, students will learn how to edit and present their films at our Film Festival.


About Emir: 

Emir Kapetanovic is an award-winning film director and educator with 14 years of experience in film production and education. He has created socially engaged films, plays, web series, hip-hop videos, street performances, comedy shows, and stand-up comedy shows that have received national and international acclaim. He has extensive experience leading filmmaking programs and teaching film to children, youth, and college students in both the US and Europe. When working with students, he emphasizes a hands-on approach, collaboration, and the importance of film as a platform for sharing their stories.

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