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Priscilla Lundgren

Priscilla Lundgren holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles. With a background in medical research, she worked at UCLA for over 10 years. Priscilla then transitioned to the care of the elderly by running her own senior care business. She later sold the company and retired becoming a stay-at-home mom.  Despite her career shift, her passion for biology remains evident in her enthusiastic discussions about the life cycles of viruses. Priscilla loves gardening and cooking for loved ones. She can often be found exploring used book stores and getting overly excited at the produce at the farmers market. 


High School Physical Science

Ages:  14+

This is a one year class.

Note:  Once you are signed up for the class, we will be ordering lab kits and that material fee will be non-refundable.  ($75)

Homework:   Yes!  Please plan on 2 hours of homework / week.

NOTE:  Students will need to complete a summer assignment prior to classes starting in September to meet their charter school learning period requirements.  They will also have assignments over our winter break and spring breaks.


Welcome to High School Physical Science

In this year-long class, we will be learning all about the inorganic world, physics, and chemistry. These two subjects will strengthen the student's critical thinking and engineering practices. Students will develop communication skills to communicate their questions, hypotheses, methods, and findings. Upon completing the class, students will have foundational scientific knowledge of the laws and theories regarding matter and energy that encourage the application of science to real-life contexts.

This class is intended for students who are relatively new to high school level science. This course meets 1st year high school science requirement for graduation.

Curriculum Overview:

  • Introduction to Matter: Atoms, Elements, and the Periodic Table

  • Bonding, Chemical Reactions, Solutions, and Mixtures

  • Motion, Forces, Work, and Energy

  • Temperature and Heat

  • Sound, Light, Electricity, and Magnetism


While using our critical thinking and engineering skills, we will perform a number of exciting labs. Experimenting with thermal energy, making mini robots to test friction and motion, and racing cars to test gravity and magnetism.  We will be integrating the course guide presented by Blue Ridge for AG NGSS Physical Science.   Please contact us with your charter school's syllabi so that we can ensure AG requirements are being met.


Class Materials:

All necessary materials, including textbooks, laboratory equipment, and digital resources, will be provided. Students will need access to computers and the internet at home for homework.



Anticipate approximately 2 hours of homework per week and there will be assignments during summer, winter, and spring break

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