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Sara Olds

BA - Humanities

MA - American Fine & Decorative Arts

Sara Olds received her Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Brigham Young University, and her Masters of Arts in American Fine and Decorative Arts from The Sotheby's Institute in New York. Sara also completed training in Arts Integration at The Crystal Bridges Museum....


Along with her focused study in business, her academic and work careers have given her unique insight into the practical application of the arts within various academic disciplines. Her interest in education blossomed during her master's program, when she recognized the failings of the traditional school system to encourage and teach individuals to learn to learn, and love to learn. She also became keenly aware of  the  Humanities' unique ability to unite information from various fields and solidify understanding of new material. The Humanities also indirectly teach skills for life, including critical analysis, empathy, and tolerance to name a few.


In addition to her love of the arts, Sara loves to teach. She has taught everything from swim lessons, to voice & piano lessons, to operating her own summer camp. Inspired by her second grade teacher, Sara believes learning is, and should be fun! 

Story of the World - The Middle Ages

Sara Olds

Ages: 7-9

Prerequisite: Ability to write a sentence.

Location: In Person/Online

Homework: Not Required.  Projects will be completed in the classroom. Some optional Enhancement Activities will be assigned for the children’s benefit

Materials: Kit will be provided. Optional enhancement items/books may be purchased by family. Personal copy of Story of the World is recommended. 

History is a fabulous story! In this series of classes we will be listening to wonderful stories about The Middle Ages from Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World. Coloring maps, engaging fun activities and projects will help students learn the story of our world. Our Story will start with the collapse of the Roman Empire. We will learn how the spread of the Roman Empire affected people from the Middle East all the way to England. We will learn how the world changed and evolved from the Fall of Rome to the beginning of the Renaissance! We’ll also hear great stories like Shaherezad’s 1001 Arabian Nights and the great plays of Shakespeare. 


Each day, we will listen to a  section of Story of the World - Volume 2: The Middle Ages along with watching videos and pictures of the historical story. Students will have the opportunity to illustrate and narrate a summary of what they have learned each week. We will also have a weekly activity related to the story we are learning. We will build castles, create a coat of arms, and learn about medieval games we still play today. 


Come join us as we explore The Medieval World and make history come alive!


Fall: The Fall of Rome to the Rise of England

Winter: Crusades & New Empires: Journeys Abroad - Richard the Lionhearted to Marco Polo

Spring: Exploration & Innovation


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