Consumer Math

Ages 10-13

Kaspar Kazazian

THIS is the math that your children will use every day!  Children spend hours and hours learning how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, but now they will put all of those mechanical skills to use with real world projects and activities, and even learn how to use spreadsheets!  Students will learn all about incomes, budget, simple and compound interest rates, savings accounts, credit cards and more!

To start things off, students will find a new (imaginary) job based on their skills, interests, and financial goals! Next, students will create appropriate budgets based on their incomes. They must decide how much to spend on food, shelter, clothing, and luxuries (like internet, cell phone, vacations, etc).  The budgeting exercise teaches kids decimal work, but also is where they will be introduced to Google Sheets and formulas!

Students will also learn about balancing their banking accounts so that they don’t use more money than they have, and this is a natural way to learn about and practice with negative numbers!  Naturally, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of debit cards and credit cards, taking interest rates into account. We will also learn about credit score, including the ramifications of having a lower score.


We will also play The Stock Market Game in this class!   This is an online simulation of the global capital markets that engages students in the world of economics, investing and personal finance.   Over 17 million have played this game already!   Learn key skills like how the stock market works, how funds work and how you can never time the market!   The Stock Market is taught as a long term investment device, and kids LOVE learning about stocks and tracking them every day!   In this game, students are given a $100,000 virtual budget, and they learn how to place trades for their favorite stocks!   They learn about energy stocks, technology stocks, health care stock and much more!  

Whether or not your child likes math, this is the class where they will learn how math figures into our everyday lives, and how math can be fun!