Mariana Alamillo

Bachelor of Science, Health Science

Marianna has spent her life serving her community!  From tutoring high school and middle schoolers, running classes in health sciences, mental health and careers in the health sciences to joining the Flying Samaritans to provide free clinical services to the underserved, Marianna is happiest while serving others.  She has taught at all levels (elementary, middle and high school), tutored 1:1, and during Covid, provided several classes online.  To enhance these online classes, she provided many hands-on experiences as well as bringing in subject matter experts to expose students to real-world examples of how biology and the health sciences are used everyday

High School Biology

Teacher:Mariana Alamillo

Ages:  14+

Note:  Lab kits will be shared by 2-3 students.  Once you are signed up for the class, we will be ordering lab kits and that material fee will be non-refundable.  ($75)

The lab kits will be paid for in the FALL session only as it will include lab experiments for the entire year.

Homework:   Yes!  Students will need to read  the textbook prior to class.


Study groups are encouraged to review chapters together and complete any unfinished lab work from the class.

Textbook:   Biology by Miller/Levine, Pearson Prentice Hall publisher.

Note:  We are still investigating the different versions of this textbook to provide you with affordable choices.

This is a one year class.


Welcome to Biology class! In this course you will learn both the basics and the latest advances in the field of biological sciences.  This class is designed to be a year in length.  Within the 2 hour class, our first 45-60 minutes is planned as an interactive lecture time.  Students should read from their book prior to class, so that we can use this time to answer any questions and solidify the content of that chapter. 


We will follow that with both wet and dry labs that are done in small groups.   We recommend that students form groups (either the whole class gathering outside of class, or smaller teams), to review chapter concepts and complete any unfinished lab work. 


This is a challenging high school level class, but we are here to help you succeed! In order to maximize the learning we will take advantage of teacher-class discussion, reading the textbook, laboratory investigation, computer activities, videos, supplemental reading, homework, quizzes, and tests.  There will be a quiz at the end of each chapter.  Tutoring is available as needed!

Extra labs have been added to this class.   We think the kids will love studying the Covid-19 virus, Crispr and the new science of gene editing, micro-arrays and more!  

This class will include the science of Biology from cell structure, photosynthesis, ecology, cell respiration, genetics, DNA, RNA and even PCR experiments!