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Priscilla Lundgren

Priscilla Lundgren holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Mount Saint Mary's University in Los Angeles. With a background in medical research, she worked at UCLA for over 10 years. Priscilla then transitioned to the care of the elderly by running her own senior care business. She later sold the company and retired becoming a stay-at-home mom.  Despite her career shift, her passion for biology remains evident in her enthusiastic discussions about the life cycles of viruses. Priscilla loves gardening and cooking for loved ones. She can often be found exploring used book stores and getting overly excited at the produce at the farmers market. 


High School Biology

Ages:  14+

Text: Miller & Levine Biology 2019

This is a one year class.

Note:  Once you are signed up for the class, we will be ordering lab kits and that material fee will be non-refundable.  ($75)

Homework:   Yes!  Students will need to read  the textbook prior to class as well as complete any labs that weren't completed in class.

NOTE:  Students will need to complete a summer assignment prior to classes starting in September to meet their charter school learning period requirements.


Study groups are encouraged to review chapters together and complete any unfinished lab work from the class.


Welcome to Biology class! In this course you will learn both the basics and the latest advances in the field of biological sciences.  This class is designed to be a year in length.  Within the 2 hour class, we will have interactive lecture time as well as wet/dry labs.  Students should read from their book prior to class, so that we can use this time to answer any questions and solidify the content of that chapter. 


This class will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and concepts of biology as well as fulfill the requirements for High School Biology Credit. This class will include lectures, labs, homework, weekly quizzes, a mid-term, a final exam and 2 portfolio checks.  Parents and students must work with their ES to ensure that all charter school requirements are being fulfilled by this class.  We welcome feedback to ensure that all charter school's are supported by this class.

LP1 Unit 1 Macromolecules (Skills + Assignment + 2 labs)

LP2 Unit 2 Cellular Structure (Skills + Assignment + 2 labs)

LP 3 Unit 3 Cellular Energy - (Skills + Assignment + 2 labs)

LP 4 Unit 4 Central Dogma (Skills + Assignment + 2 labs + Portfolio check + midterm)

LP 5 Unit 5 Cellular Reproduction and Genetics (Skills + Assignment + 3 labs)

LP 6 Unit 6 Evolution (Skills + Assignment + 2 labs)

LP 7 Unit 7 Ecology (Skills + Assignment + 3 labs)

LP 8 Unit 8 Physiology (Skills + Assignment + 2 labs + Portfolio check + final)


This will be a rigorous course. However, I hope my love and excitement for science will encourage a lively classroom environment that fosters curiosity in each student.

We will be integrating the course guide presented by Blue Ridge for AG NGSS Physical Science.   Please contact us with your charter school's syllabi so that we can ensure AG requirements are being met. Contact us to receive a full syllabus.

Priscilla Lundgrin:

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