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Lego Engineers

HuckleBerry partners with Play-Well Teknology to provide our suite of Lego Engineering classes!   These are extremely hands-on classes with no homework and no paperwork from the class itself;

it's ALL building, experimenting, re-building, re-experimenting!

In each class, instructors are teaching STEM concepts & vocabulary with an emphasis in physics and engineering.  Students learn how gears work, where fulcrums should be placed, trajectories, energy displacement, tower / shape strength and so much more through their projects and experimentation.   Lessons are learned through team and solo play and experimentation.

These classes tend to fill fast!

Huck Lego Class 1.jpg

Spring Into STEM Challenge with Legos!


9:30 - 11:00  - Ages 9 to 12

Spring is here! Spring into STEM with Play-Well and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts. Play baseball in spring training, visit the Cherry Blossom festival, and explore raging waterfalls. Apply real-world mechanical engineering concepts as you design, build, and explore your craziest ideas.

Some of our projects will include

Parade Floats - Build and decorate your own parade float! Build a chassis with a gear drive and swinging axles to create moving displays on your float and participate in the Spring Parade!


Sailboat - Use a worm drive and eccentric gear placements to build your own sailboat and go sailing on a warm spring day! Learn about the different parts of a sailboat and add them to yours, such as a mast, keel, and tiller/rudder!

Spring Into STEM!

Spring Session:

11:15 - 12:45  - Ages 6 to 9

Celebrate the coming of Spring with Play-Well and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build chirping birds, design blossoming flowers, and take a ride on a paddle boat. Design and build as never before and explore your craziest ideas.

Some of the projects we'll be doing include

Duck Pedal Boat - Build a Pedal Boat to enjoy a beautiful day on the river with our duck friends! Design your pedal boat to look like a duck so we can fit in with the other ducks on the river. Use and connect axles to create eccentric motion and watch your pedal boat bob up and down just like it would on the river.


Elastic Band Birds - Let's play hide and seek with all of the birds that have come out to play! Use elastic bands and pivoting connections to create the motion in your bird's wings and fly them around the room as we search for hiding birds.

Huck Lego Class 3.jpg
Huck Lego Class 2.jpg

Transportation Master Engineering using LEGOs!

Spring Session:

1:15 - 2:45 - Ages 7 to 12

Take a double decker bus ride through London, pilot a hovercraft over land and sea, and make important deliveries in a cargo plane. Learn about STEM concepts as we explore the various ways that we transport goods and people from place to place.

Some of our projects will include

Monorail - Create a single rail track and design your monorail to slide along it. Add a gear drive to power your train and adjust your gears to make your monorail move faster and slower as we deliver fragile dinosaur eggs to Jurassic Park!


Tugboats - If a boat breaks, do they call a tow truck? They call for a tugboat to save the day! Come rescue a broken cruise ship and build your own tugboat. Construct a worm drive to provide power, measure axles that fit your tugboat's hull, and add tires around the side to keep your tugboat from taking any damage!

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