Young Learners - Our Community!


Teacher:  Allison Walton / Amber Buchele for online sessions

Ages:  4-6


Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:  $292 or $282 if taking 2 or more classes



Fall: What makes a community? Goods and services, needs and wants

This is a project-based class! We will explore what is involved in creating a community, both through physical goods and services, as well as character qualities necessary to create a strong community. We will also focus on community helpers, and explore different community helpers that make our own area unique. Then we will work on creating our own community within our class! In the fall, we will focus on what makes a successful community, including goods and services, and the needs and wants of the members of the community.


Winter: Community Helpers

In the winter, we will focus on our community helpers: what they do, their job requirements, and how they help our community. We will (hopefully) have speakers from the community to come in and share their passions with us! We will build on the first semester, by talking about how each community helper fulfills the wants and needs, goods and services of a community.



Spring: Creating a community. Map skills and exploration

In the spring, we will create our own classroom community! We will explore map skills and map building, and learn about Lewis and Clark and Emma Willard, pioneers in map making! We will create maps of our classroom and our bedrooms, and also work on a large map of our "ideal community", using ideas we have developed throughout the year!


About Allison:

Allison Walton is so excited to join the HuckleBerry teaching staff this year! She began her teaching career in Beijing, China, teaching English to high school students for two years. Upon her return, she taught elementary school in Ohio for six years, specializing in project-based instruction and discovery learning. Her favorite project was a Dinosaur Museum, where her second grade students wrote nonfiction research papers and created dinosaurs out of paper-mache. Allison and her husband moved to the Los Angeles area in 2011, and has spent the last six years raising their two daughters who both attend classes at HuckleBerry. Allison enjoys writing short stories, watching teenage high school dramas, taking family portraits, and listening to Korean pop music.