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Critical Thinking for Mindfulness

Ages 10-13 years


At this age stage, group discussion, writing, summarizing and journaling can be powerful tools for integrating conceptual material. 

Students at this age stage are entering the world of self discovery, individuality, belonging and introspection.  Social relationships become increasingly important as they ask themselves questions like- “who am I?” “how do I fit in?” “is it safe to stand out?”  


In this class we will cover topics that teach mindful practice in the areas of self acceptance, emotional regulation, taking charge, self nurture, navigating social relationships, appreciating differences, conflict resolutions, and much more.  In a time where the pressure to belong feels the greatest, we will offer the students tools to hold strong and true to their authenticity, dispite what is going on around them.  Failing to establish self-stability in these areas at this age stage can contribute to lifelong social-emotional and psychological struggles. 


In this class we focus on developing self awareness skills through reading, writing, discussion, introspection, and personal application.  We will read about, journal and summarize topics that help the students address and overcome social-emotional struggles.  This class offers students the rare opportunity for group discussion of these life-essential topics with their peers; providing the essential setting for developing a deeper understanding of individuality, diversity and empathy.  


**This class can be taken consecutively each year. It does not repeat, as we will cover new topics and vocabulary each year.  



You can read more about Erik Erikison’s developmental age stage psychology here:



Jessica Hartley Garcia is a spiritual guide, beloved teacher, and Relationship Coach.  She holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and speaks widely on the topics of Healing Deep Wounds, Communication, Marriage, Relationship, and Conscious Parenting.  She served as a powerful public mentor hosting the “Thriving Relationships” radio Program which aired weekly in 2019 on KHTS, the local Santa Clarita radio station.  Her Leadership classes offer a rare opportunity to learn some of the most important life lessons early on.  Jessica’s warmth exudes as she provides each of her students with a space to feel valued and heard.  She introduces the wisdom of her field in tangible ways for a happy, empowered, and well-lived life.

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