World History and Geography


teacher:  Michael Belson

Ages:  11-14


Class Fees:

Winter:  10 weeks:  $285 or $275 if taking 2 or more classes

Spring:  10 weeks:  $285 or $275 if taking 2 or more classes



World History & Geography will enter the world of the Ancients in Egypt, Greece & Rome before we move through the Middle Ages and end up in the Renaissance!  We'll be learning through readings, hands-on projects, debates and more!   The Geography portion of the class will focus on mapwork throughout the time periods that we are studying and use this to understand pivotal concepts of how trade and commerce contribute to societal wealth, the importance of agriculture and more!   Each of these themes helps us to understand how decisions are made in our modern world, and the importance of geography!  


For each of our Ancient Cultures, we will be spending time investigating daily life and the myths that defined their cultures.   We'll learn about different forms of government, the roots of Democracy and other forms of Government, and how these concepts have moved in and out of societies.   We’ll investigate famous people and places, and tragic mistakes made along the way.


The most important reason to study the Ancients is to find ways to understand how the world got to where it is today; what decisions did these cultures face?   How & why did they prosper, or fail?  When new forms of government were created, what problems were they trying to solve, and did they succeed?   What can we learn from their mistakes?


 Join us with a fabulous combination of projects, readings, oral reports, art projects and more as we become experts in World History and relate it back to how we got to Where We Are!