Time Travelers World History!

Ages:  11-14

Michael Belson


This year-long course will take us into the world of ancient Egypt, Greece & Rome before taking off into the Middle Ages and ending in the Renaissance! We’ll explore the cultures of each civilization through our readings and our projects, investigating different forms of government, myths that define cultures, and ways of life. We’ll investigate famous people and places and tragic mistakes made along the way. Join us for a fabulous combination of projects, readings, oral reports and more as we become experts in world history!


Fall session: Ancient Egypt and Greece

The first session will begin with a focus on ancient Egypt, with a study of the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms, as well as the history of the pharaohs, mythology, and rise and fall of the Egyptian empire. Then we’ll move into ancient Greece where we’ll discuss the origins of democracy and as well as the birth of philosophy and theatre. We’ll explore the rise and fall of ancient Greece and the legendary cities of Athens and Sparta.


Winter session: Ancient Rome and the Fall of Rome

We will learn about the birth of the Roman Empire as well as the culture, mythology, and customs that defined the world’s greatest civilization. We’ll learn about famous emperors, including Julius Caesar, and then we’ll follow the decline of the empire as expanding borders, plagues, and power struggles led to its eventual collapse.


Spring session: The Middle Ages and the Renaissance

In the spring we will delve into the Middle Ages! We’ll see what life was like living under the feudal system, where knights  lived by a code of honor, and lords ruled the land. We’ll learn about the crusades, the Magna Carta, and the customs of medieval life. We’ll then discover how the invention of the printing press spread knowledge and ideas throughout the land, leading to an interest in how the world works and the eventual emergence of scientific thought and the age of enlightenment.