Why Homeschool Through High School


It's easy to believe that the High School years are the hardest ones to homeschool.   After all, who remembers all of that Biology, Trigonometry, and how will foreign languages get learned?   It was all so long ago, few of us remember what we learned!


But High School can actually be the best & easiest time to homeschool, and Huck is here to help!

When you use a hybrid approach to education, you are personalizing the experience to your child.   They may take 1 or many classes at HuckleBerry.   They may take 1-2 classes at a local Community College.   They may use a tutor for subjects that are either particularly difficult or that they want a mentor.   Online and in-person classes can be taken.  You can teach some things yourself.  Some learning can be done as an intern.  Learning can be done anywhere, anytime.  


An academic perspective


High School students are generally ready to learn more autonomously, and they find autonomy a huge motivational factor.  It's important for students to learn to create and manage their schedule and their workload, and more importantly, to try new ideas.  This is a crucial time to support self expression, and for students to develop interests that extend well beyond a standardized suite of classes and tests.   Talk to any successful adult and they will have a similar story; they had to find and pour into their interests to find success.   Why wait to do that as an adult, when it can start right now?  


Homeschoolers have the advantage of TIME.  


They are able to find and follow their passions while also learning to communicate well, understand the world around them, push themselves to learn a new language and more.   Homeschoolers interact with all ages!   At Huck, we're here to help you create and define your own story.


  • Our Huck Schedule has been redesigned to ensure that you will always have high school level science, math & history classes, and more electives than anyone can take! 

  • With over 60 students aged 13+, our classes are robust enough for deep conversations, but small enough for personalized learning. 

  • Remember that Jr. Colleges classes are available for FREE to high school students and the online world has exploded with opportunities for kids to learn anything they are interested in!

  • Most Charter Schools are adjusting to what colleges are looking for now, which is no longer a suite of AP classes.

  • Our Huck students, with self designed educational experiences have been accepted into MANY colleges!


Allegheny College, Baylor, Cal Arts,  Cal Lutheran, Cal Poly SLO,  Connecticut College, Creighton, Earlham College, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Harvard, Kalamazoo, Lewis & Clark, Mount Holyoke, Occidental,  Patrick Henry College, Soka, SMU, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC San Diego,  UC Santa Barbara,  University of Denver, U Penn, University of Puget Sound, USC, Washington University and more!


We welcome you at HuckleBerry,

where we're helping families achieve their own personalized education!