What Makes It Move?   Physical Science


Teacher:  Debbie Walker

Ages:  11-13

Mat Fees:  $40

Class Fees:  $255 or $250 if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments.  Price is for one quarter only.


This physical science course is an exciting examination of matter and energy.  Matter is that which makes up most of the world around us, and energy is what enables everything around us move and work. Physical science is the combination of two science fields, chemistry and physics.  This complete course is designed to fit the middle school curriculum and will span three 10 week quarters. We will use the scientific method to carry out numerous experimental investigations because the best way to learn science is to experience it.  Some topics studied this quarter will be:  proper scientists tools, methods and measure, physical and chemical properties, elements, compounds and mixtures, atoms and atomic theories, the periodic table, molecules, chemical formulas and chemical bonding. Basic grade school math is recommended and a few math concepts will be re-enforced and used (graphing and slope).  Physical Science is fun, exciting, and so important to understand in our scientific world of today and tomorrow.