US Geography  - Part II!   New Students Welcome!


Teacher:   Lori Rivas

Ages: 12+

Weekly homework

Class depends on student participation

Cost:  $230 or $210 if taking 2 or more classes per quarter.   Can be split into 3 equal payments

Materials fee: $20


A mix of lecture, research, presentations, games and hands-on learning, this class will cover highlights from each state in the Union.  This quarter we will be adding in learning about regions as well as state overviews .  Students will have bi-weekly homework, to research an assigned state, and make brief class presentations.  Students are required to include one tangible item with their presentation.  For example, Washington state could include a small Starbucks hot chocolate for every student, Florida may include snacking on oranges, Idaho could be French fries, and Alaska may include a sampling of soil (honestly--soil is listed as a natural resource for Alaska).  


We will highlight topography, famous landmarks, notable history, primary export/resources, as well as basic population and state capitals.  


I will also bring in several games to play: Snapshots Across America; Scrambled States of America; and others.