US Geography!  Traveling Through America!


Teacher:  Sara Olds & Angela White

Ages:   6-9


Class Fees:

Winter & Spring:  10 weeks:  $287 or $277 if taking 2 or more classes



In this fun and hands-on social studies class, we will be learning all about the geography of our own country!   We begin learning with maps and globes, learn our directions and how to use the compass rose, practice using longitude & latitudes, and all of our other map terms!  In this year long study, we focus on 2 states per week, learning famous places, location on a map, state capitol, flower and bird. We will also include learning all about the different types of people and cultures we find in different states!    In each class we will be putting together US map puzzles, listening to and learning patriotic songs and learning fun US trivia! 


We start our state study in Fall with the North East states. Winter will be the South East and Mid West states and some South West states. Spring covers North and South West states with Washington DC. The kids will be doing a USA puzzle weekly to enforce what was learned. We will have an All American Feast and build the White House in Spring.