Thinking Tools (13+)



Ages: 11+

Teacher:  Penny Sande

Day/Time:  Thursdays 9:30 - 11:00

Class Fees:   $256 or $64/month for 4 months (16 week class)

Mat Fees:   $35

Homework:  None


Everyone thinks.  But not everyone thinks equally well.   At least, that’s what Sparks of Genius – 13 Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People tells us.   This class uses the tools outlined in Sparks of Genius, OutliarsA Whole New Mind and other new books based on the latest research about the tools that help bring about creativity in individuals.  

We will expand upon logic and strategic thinking while we hone our expertise in patterning, spatial & geometric thinking, mensa mind puzzlers and more.   Analogizing, or recognizing how dissimilar things are actually similar will be explored via games like “How are these two things alike?   A rope and a popsicle”, and other games created just for this class.  

Analogizing is one of the most powerful tools of our minds.   It is how we figure out problems when the answer is not evident.  We infer that something we don’t understand is somewhat like something we do understand, and then look for connections.  How can they be similar?  People strong in analogistic thinking can figure out solutions that are not obvious.   

Divergent thinking is one of our favorite things to learn! diverging upon multiple answers or solutions instead of converging upon a single “right” answer.   Practice analytical skills through creative brain teasers, collaborative skills through games like Pandemic, abstracting and more!