Themes from The Renaissance Through The 20th Century

An Introduction To The Humanities

Ages 12-14

Sara Olds

This class is designed to answer the questions "What is Humanities?" and "Why is it important?" Starting with the Renaissance (the birth of modern Humanities), Students will learn about the role art plays in history and culture through the major artworks of Western Civilization. Over the course of the year, students will be introduced to the disciplines that comprise Humanities - including painting, sculpture, architecture, literature, music and dance - and learn how to recognize major elements, concepts and works for each discipline. Each week, student will engage in activities designed to connect them with the art movement, concept or artworks presented.


By the end of the term, each student will create at least one artwork in the discipline of their choosing. Artworks, concepts, and skills will be specifically chosen for the age and maturity of students in the class.