Earth Science Part 2!  (Newcomers welcome!)


Teacher:   Ellen Hillman

Ages:   10-13

Class Fees: $215 or $195 if taking 2 or more classes

Mat Fees:  $25

Homework:  None!   But there are many activities and books that can be read at home to extend the learning of this class!


In this second trimester of Earth science students will continue to learn about the Earth and its bountiful wonders!  We will learn about moving energy from one place to another by heat flow, or waves including water, light, and sound.  We will learn the similarities and differences between conduction, convection and radiation. We’ll discuss the electromagnetic spectrum. We will learn about the transfer of energy in the Earth system and then have a look at ecosystems and biomes.  While considering some of the earth’s largest biomes, such as deserts, grasslands, rainforests, tundra, oceans, and forests, we’ll learn about food webs, food chains, consumers-producers, organisms, and their roles in various ecosystems.  It should be quite enlightening!  Some of the experiments we will do in class will include creating condensation as part of our study of the water cycle, demonstrating and comparing heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation, using prisms to study light and more!   We'll work in groups to create a display of a selected biome, ecosystem, or habitat.