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TED TALKS!  Writing Across the Curriculum


Ages 13+

Teacher:  Holly Van Houten

Materials Fees:  $15

Homework:  None!   Although this is a writing class, the writing will be done in class with the teacher helping students develop their ideas, gain outlining skills and also how to translate the outline into a draft essay.   


Cost:  $240 or $220 if taking 2 or more classes, can split this into 3 equal payments

8 week class meets on

Sept 9, 16, 23

Oct 7, 14, 21

Nov 4, 18


Writing enhances learning and the ability to write about different disciplines is a particularly important skill. In this class, we will be using TED talks as inspiration for our in-depth discussions and argumentative writing.  All of the writing will take place during this 2-hour class as students begin with detailed outlines and then draft their essays.  We will use a workshop format to share, discuss and critique essays.  This will give students practice with timed writing and allow them to receive immediate feedback on their work.  Our TED talks will cover a wide variety of topics, such as science and technology, education, psychology, and art.  Our goal will be to learn about, question and reflect on new ideas through our writing.  This is a class that will focus on developing students’ ability to think critically, debate ideas and organize those ideas in writing.


Wondering what category to put this in for your high school transcript?   This class focuses on Rhetoric;  improving a students ability to inform and more likely, to persuade or motivate.