Your HuckleBerry Team!

If it takes a village to raise a child, it surely takes one to educate a child!

Stephanie Berry

Founder / Executive Director





A home schooling educator for many years, Stephanie Berry has taught classes in many subjects.  Her first love of teaching resulted in her becoming a reading tutor which quickly expanded to many other subjects.   After teaching in her home and with other educators in their homes, she felt it was time to get these wonderful teachers together in one place to help our community of homeschoolers have more access to fabulous classes from deeply committed educators.    Her philosophy in education is that kids need to be in an environment where learning is engaging to become self-learners, and that making mistakes is part of that experience.   People that feel safe and are enjoying their learning will learn more deeply and take more responsibility in their learning than when they are forced to learn.  She likes to use projects that encourage kids to explore subjects more deeply and learn to not only own their education, but also to practice strong collaboration skills.   Hearing kids say “Aha!  I get it!” is the best part of her day!    Prior to embarking in the educational arena, she was a software and business consultant. She has developed both in-house and commercial grade software and holds two patents on algorithms and software designed to help find the causes of human diseases.