hucklearning | Student Service Leadership VAL 2017

Student Service Leadership


Teacher:  Amber Buchele

Ages: 13+

Class Fee:   FREE

Fees:   $50 / quarter, which will go into a budget to help Student Services pay for their events


This year your child will gain leadership skills by learning about and engaging in The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership from the Student Leadership Challenge.


Students will learn to Model the Way they want themselves and others to act in a service leadership community.   Modeling means taking the initiative to do what's right, have follow through & include others.   We'll also work to create a shared vision of the goals of our group.  While each student will be tasked with being a full participant, they will work on different aspects of their leadership development.   Throughout this, we will continue to work on a shared vision that everyone can support.   Kids will learn to challenge the process instead of complaining about the process.   We want to work with students to make them agents of positive change, so they will learn to respect others but also problem solve to make each of our events, our planning and our communication better.   We will also become enablers by working in teams on both small and large projects.   Most importantly, we will encourage leadership through civic engagement.  At all ages, it is important to learn the skills of doing something for others rather than thinking of self. 


Along the way we will research various philanthropic events in our community and coordinate the HuckleBerry Community Service Days. As the ultimate show of service to our immediate Huck community we will be designing and publishing the 2017-2018 yearbook, this will require that each student works on approximately 3 pages throughout the year. We will also be made available for Huck events that the parent committee puts on. We will practice public speaking and learn about motivation, as well as positive coping mechanisms for when you’re not feeling too motivated. For I believe that we cannot help others until we have first mastered how to help ourselves.   The skills learned in this class will foster the best qualities of our Huck students so that they will not only exemplars at Huck but also model citizens in our society.