hucklearning | Statistics


Did you know that many colleges are providing alternative math routes for non-STEM majors, with Statistics being the primary math subject choice?   Statistics is one of the most USEFUL of the math disciplines.   You see statistics EVERY DAY!


Statistics is the study of analyzing and describing huge quantities of data, and in this course students will learn all about data! Students will learn about how to collect data in an unbiased manner, the many ways this data can be represented to emphasize different features about it, the properties of randomness and how to calculate probability of an event, and what conclusions can accurately be drawn from a sample.


The textbook we will be working from is called Advanced High School Statistics Second Edition, and is available online here:


Scientific calculators of some kind will be required. There are ways to have access to these tools online, or on phones, but a separate calculator may be a worthwhile investment, especially for any families preparing for standardized tests (since phones and internet are prohibited during these tests).


Students will be expected to attend 2 hours per week in class, and 2-4 hours per week outside of the classroom to finish assignments.