Spanish Language & Culture!


Teacher:   Nikary Plaza-McGregor

Ages 7-9


Class Fee:  $290 or $280 if taking 2 or more classes



This class requires little or no previous Spanish exposure.   This is a thematic unit based class in which our learners will practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a foreign language using the phonetic skills they already know in their first language.  Learners are immersed into the language, culture, and traditions of Spanish speaking cultures through music, role-play, chanting, singing, dancing, hands on activities, games, crafts, and more.  We will also learn about the flags and geographical location of different Spanish speaking countries.  Some of the academic concepts included will be: Spanish alphabet and sounds, syllables, verb conjugations, numbers, colors, shapes, and greetings.


Winter Semester: Mi Viaje a España  (My trip to Spain)


Spring Semester:  Tico y Tica en Costa Rica  (Tico and Tica in Costa Rica)