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Spanish Conversations


Class teacher:  Nathaly Hernandez


Ages:  9-12


Homework:   Provided


Prerequisites:   Students should have prior Spanish skills to take this class.  There may be quick reviews of basics at the beginning of each unit.

Spanish Conversations continues to teach students the Spanish cultures and language using the four basic language
skills: listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing.  A primary goal of Spanish education is real-life communication, so we will be practicing having simple conversations in this class, along with learning the following skills:

  • Pronunciation: basic pronunciation and intonation

  • Sentence structure: word order, statements, questions and negatives

  • Adjectives: placement and agreement

  • Verbs: identification and basic conjugation

  • Pronouns: identification and use with verbs

  • Nouns and articles: number and gender

  • Vocabulary: similarities and differences

Students will use and understand various parts of speech and idiomatic expressions including

  • Singular and plural common nouns with their definite and indefinite articles

  • Subject pronouns

  • Verbs in the infinitive

  • Cognates

  • Descriptive adjectives and agreement

  • Cognates

  • Interrogative expressions

We will be learning to

  • Recognize Spanish when heard

  • Read and spell phonetically in Spanish

  • Observe and identify everyday cultural practices

  • Present cultural information

This class correlates to the Common Core Standards for Foreign Language Learning!


Nathaly Hernandez Diaz

In my native Venezuela, I taught Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish for 15 years with a bachelor’s degree in Education specializing in Biology and Chemistry from Universidad Catolica del Tachira. UCAT.
I moved to the United States in 2015 with the purpose of continuing my career here and have been happily teaching both Spanish and Science since I arrived!  I love to share my native language and culture with new language learners of all ages, and like to use a method of teaching that incorporates what students want to learn about.  I'm always asking "what are you interested in?" to help guide how I present my lessons to students.  In my classes, we use a lot of music and movement to help students enjoy their lessons and remember their new language skills! 

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