Story Of The World #1 - Ancient Times



Teacher:  Jessica McDaniel

Ages:  6-9


Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:  $283 or $273 if taking 2 or more classes


This year long class follows Story Of The World - Volume I. Each day, we will read out loud and discuss a section from Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World. Children will then illustrate and narrate a summary of what they have learned. Every class will include a singing of our timeline song, coloring of a map, and an immersive project. Those children who enroll in all three trimesters of the class will receive a hardcover book compilation of their illustrations and narrations of ancient history. Syllabus will be provided so that you can follow along at home.  


Fall: Early Ancient History 7000 B.C.- 900 B.C.- We will hop into our time machine and experience the Nomads roaming the fertile Crescent, the great pyramids of Egypt, ancient India, China, and Africa, and the exodus of the Israelites. Projects include making cave paintings, mummified Barbies/action figures, building ziggurat temples, creating Ming bowls, and much much more.


Winter: Middle Ancient History 1200 B.C.- 323 B.C. We climb back in our time machine and fly over the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, witness the volcanic ruin of Minoans, participate in the first Olympic Games, explore early America, and be part of the conquest of Alexander the Great. Projects include making our own Hanging Gardens, a volcanic eruption, creating our own Olympic Games, making an Olympus Family Tree, assembling a gingerbread Parthenon, and much more.


Spring: Late Ancient History 321 B.C.-476 A.D. We take one more trip in our time machine to see the rise and fall of Rome. We will witness the reign of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, the rise of Christianity, the life of Confucius, and the Barbarian conquering of Rome. Projects include making Indian curried rice, designing leaf crowns and Roman togas, making our own catacomb replicas, and much more. On the last day of class, we will distribute our hardcover narration books and have a Roman party that is complete with Roman food and gladiator games.