Simulations in Math!


Teacher:  Debbie Vane

Ages:  11+

Class Price: $256 or $64/month for 4 months (16 week class)

Material Fees:  $30

Day/Time:  Tuesday 9:30 - 11:00

Homework:  yes!

Prerequisite: Knowing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts extremely helpful.  Calculators will be used.


Do you wake each day thinking…”ugh, I HAVE to do math today?” What if learning math could be a fun adventure that changes your thinking about math?

Come and join the Simulations in Math class where you will learn concepts such as pi and its relationship to a circle and scale drawings by being part of student research companies creating small-scale models of space probes!

Become architects in learning while working in teams to design floor plans and create a three-dimensional scale model. You can build anything to scale if you understand geometry principals and proportions!

Join a quest to earn travel dots and accumulate riches to speed your team through mathematical lands while learning six powerful problem-solving strategies. As you pass through power levels, your team faces challenges posed by Fate Cards that test your ability and ingenuity. Be the first team to become Einstenians and reach the treasure chest in Math Quest.! !

Learn about probability by performing hands-on experiments with spinners, dice, coins, and cards to determine chances of winning and test the fairness of the games.! !

Start a business and buy and sell with classmates using checkbooks and debit cards in Math Merchants!

Last, but certainly not least, learn the mystery of algebra by finding solutions to the elusive “X”!

There is no reason to not have fun while learn the amazing language of nature and science. As Einstein once said,

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”