hucklearning | Sewing I

Sewing Projects 1


FOR NEW STUDENTS (who are just starting out on machine sewing)


In this course we will focus on sewing using the sewing machine and making various items such as a tote bag, patchwork pillowcase, apron and and face masks. We may also make some household items such as pocket sachets, pot holders and placemats. Sewers will “adorn” pieces with appliques, buttons and iron-on materials. We will introduce embroidery by doing a simple floral design and a sampler. Students are expected to do about 2 hours per week of sewing at home as these projects do take time and our class time is limited. If students want to become good at embroidery this also is something that needs to be self-motivated and done mostly at home. 


If the course is online, students will be provided with prerecorded videos by the instructor or will be directed to other resources. We will still meet on Zoom most weeks for Q&A and to feel like we’re in this together!


Teacher will supply embroidery supplies and fabric

Students must have sewing machine and basic notions, measuring tape, pins, marking pencils, sewing shears, thread, needles.