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Kara Seuschek

Kara graduated from Mount Saint Mary's University with a BA in English and has also been trained in Waldorf education pedagogy, curriculum, and the arts from the Waldorf Institute of Southern California. She is committed to homeschooling her own children and is excited to become an even bigger part of our Huck community.

Sewing By Hand
Exploring Fibers

Ages 9-12

Kara Seuschek

Homework: None, although many kids will likely want to do work at home!

PreReqs: None

Materials for projects will be provided.

Sewing by Hand -  Exploring Fibers


In this class we will explore the fibers that are used to create the clothes we wear. We will explore: silk, flax, cotton, and wool. We will discuss how these textiles were traditionally made, who made them, and how they were used. We will compare and contrast these processes to the synthetic fibers that are found in our closets today. Students will embroider and sew small projects for each fiber mentioned.   Our projects will include:


Silk: scarf or hankie

Flax/Linen: lavender sachet

Cotton: eye pillow

Wool: coaster

sewing spring.jpg


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