Sculpting with Clay


Teacher:   Casandra Carrettini <>


Mat Fees:  $30

Class Fees:  $240 or $230 if taking 2 or more classes



Students will explore the life, career and art work of an important Spanish artists:  Joan Miró


Students will learn how to create basic shapes and attach them correctly, while creating their own masterpiece inspired by Miró unique sculptures.


From Spain we will travel to Africa, where we will explore the art of making mask and his history behind them.  Students will design and create their own African masks while learning how to stylize a human face.   Students will become aware of symbolic meanings of African arts.

While experimenting and playing, students will understand more about the sculpting tools and clay material.


To continuing to understand stylized art, Students will create stylized animal sculptures. First they will draw and sketch their ideas, model their clay, and finally paint their art piece.


Students will complete projects like a porcupine pencil holder and castle towers with all kids of medieval elements and detail.  

Join us in this art adventure full of imagination, creativity, learning and fun!