Science Investigators


Teacher:   Debbie Walker with Quest In Science

Ages:  9-11


Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:  $324 or $314 if taking 2 or more classes


Enter the investigative world of science with Miss Debbie as we use hands-on projects, activites, games, experiments, books and more to explore 9 different science topics over 3 years of Science Investigators!   This suite of classes is designed in 3 year cycles, so that you can take this class 3 times and never learn the same science subject twice!   All new activities & themes each year!   This year Miss Debbie will be coving classes in Energy and Matter, Geology and finishing up with Life from Cells to Systems.  Once students have completed Science Explorers, they can move into Debbie's Middle School Science classes with embedded laboratory experiments!


Fall:   The Heat Is ON!

This class will focus on Energy and Matter and how energy affects matter's behavior. We will study the many forms of energy: heat, mechanical, electrical, chemical, sound, and solar. Each class students will participate in hands-on observations and experiments, such as creating different kinds of electrical circuits, using a solar oven and examining the effect of the Sun's energy on temperature, and combining chemicals to observe the energy of chemical reactions.


Winter:  Jr. Geology

Our Jr. Geologists will study the earth from the inside out and everything in between.   The students will start with model puzzles where students will hypothesize about what is inside the earth.  The Jr. Geologists will learn about the rock cycle.  They will investigate minerals and learn how to identify them through various tests.   They will examine crystals learn how they form and create their own.  The Jr Geologist will also investigate how the earth changes with erosion and develop ideas to help protect the earth.   Everyday students will have hands-on science experiments to better understand our earth home.


Spring:  Life from Cells to Systems