Grammar & Writing Workshop - pSAT/ACT/SAT Test Prep - English



Ages: 14+

Teacher: Holly Van Houten

Materials Fees:  $30 (Includes 2 Test Prep Books)

Cost:  $380 or $360 if taking 2 or more classes.  Can split this into 3 equal payments.

Homework:  Minimal (most work done in class)


The writing skills in the ACT and SAT tests go well beyond what is normally taught in English writing classes, but the skills we gain when studying for this test help all writers strengthen and hone their own writing.   This class covers writing for both the SAT and ACT, along with Vocabulary & Grammar Study, Reading Comprehension & Pivotal Test Taking Skills for succeeding in these and other tests.  We will do several in-class writing samples to give students lots of opportunities to practice the essay section of the exam.   From our recent graduates, we've learned that these skills can definitely be learned - no matter how a student has designed their education!   But it takes time to master timed writing, and there are some tricks to the grammar and comprehension section that help immensely.   Come learn in a relaxed environment how to master these sections of the pSAT, SAT & ACT  tests.  Open to ALL high schoolers.


Did you realize that these tests can be taken in Freshman, Sophomore AND Junior year?  


Students need different test taking skills for the ACT and SAT.   These tests are scored differently, and your child needs to know when to guess, when to take risks, and when to leave an answer blank.


Did you know that the pSAT is also a merit contest, that it lets colleges know about your child, that merit scholarships can come with excellent scores, and that you can easily receive fee waivers for college applications by scoring well on this test?