How to Sign Up at Huck!

1.  What classes meet your needs?  Shop around, contact teachers for more info, or contact us at with any questions!  You can also call / text us at 661-713-3725, but we get A LOT of calls over the summer so email is best!

2. Register Online! 

- It's no commitment to get on a wait list, and we frequently open new classes based on our wait list!

- You will be required to enter a Credit Card when you register.   This will be used if your Purchase Order does not cover all of your expenses. 
- You will be required to agree to drop policies when you register.

Please note: 
- There is a $50 per class fee for dropping classes after signing up.  Click here for our full drop policy.
- If you leave your charter school, you will be financially responsible for all class charges.

3.  We will email you a statement. If you belong to a charter, email your statement to your teacher.  

You're done!  


Have your charter send your Purchase Order to us.    If you have a balance after charter payments we will contact you.  You can make payments over a 3 month period of time.

Billing or Payment Questions?

Email us at:

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