Reel Film Making


Teacher:  Angela White

Ages 11+


Class Fees:

Winter & Spring:  10 weeks:  $265 or $255 if taking 2 or more classes


Do you love telling stories? Do you have something you want the world to know? Do you love watching/making movies? If you said, “Yes” to any of these questions then this class is for YOU! We will be learning the techniques behind filmmaking and use the skills learned to create your own short film. This is a year long class, but anyone can join in at any time! The more you work on your story telling craft though, the better you get, so I hope you will all join me for the entire year! We'll be using iPads, students’ own cameras (if they choose), audio equipment, and storyboards. Students will learn the steps from beginning to end of pre and post production, including team collaborating, brainstorming, lighting, time management, determining crews and actors and renting or purchasing equipment. Using other students in the class as your crew, students will create short film productions by the end of each quarter.


Topics covered in every quarter:

  • Story telling: We'll investigate the best way to tell each type of story. Maybe animation? Maybe interviews? Maybe action filming! Every story can be told in many different ways - let's find the perfect way to tell YOUR story!

  • Story boarding- Story boarding is the perfect way to learn how to structure a story. We'll learn how to identify the story elements and how to share it in an impactful way.

  • Brainstorming is part of every part of our story telling adventure!

  • Script/Screen writing - Even the youngest film makers need a script to remind them of the most important parts of their film! We'll be honing our writing skills as we work on ways to write our scripts for all the different parts of our story.

  • Location Scouting While much of our filming will occur in our classroom, we have a lot of choices in our environment! Let's pick the perfect location for our story!

  • Determining Crew - Need extras? Need someone to help with lighting? We'll explore all the different roles we need to tell a story on film!

  • Filming - We have access to several pieces of movie making equipment to help our kids tell their best stories!

  • Post-Production/Editing - We always need to edit out our bloopers! Sometimes this is the most fun part of the entire project! Adding music or voice will enhance our story even more!


Fall: The Day in the Life of X In this quarter we will expand on the skills learned in the first quarter and create a film with the theme being "The Day in the life of X". Students purpose for this film is to place the viewer in the shoes of their subject. They will do this in the form of a documentary. These films will be prepared with the end goal being that they will be shown in Huck’s Story Tellers Film Festival.


Winter: News Flash! Using Movies to Tell Stories Our first quarter will be spent learning or further developing our movie-making skills while we create a short film on a current event- fact or fictional. Have fun with this! You can either really explore an issue that is near and dear to your heart, or you can make up a news flash that you would love to hear! Either way, we'll be learning how to develop our stories and our craft!


Spring - Story Tellers of the Future! After our wonderful films from Fall & Winter quarters, we will use this quarter to really hone in on our story telling skills. Even the youngest story tellers can develop their characters a little more, add more visual clues as to what's going on, and add music to help tell their story! This quarter we'll continue to tell stories, but really develop our script, characters, acting, timing, sound and visuals to make sure that our stories really convey what we want to say!