1. Public Speaking & Persuasive Communication


Teacher:   Nardie Santos

Ages:  12+


Class Fees:

10 weeks:  $271 or $261 if taking 2 or more classes


Students are introduced to public speaking as an important component of their academic, work, and social lives. They will be learning how to be comfortable with their own voice through various exercises we will  be doing in class. They study public speaking occasions and develop skills as fair and critical listeners, or consumers, of spoken information and persuasion. Students study types of speeches (informative, persuasive, dramatic, and special occasion), read and listen to models of speeches, and prepare and present their own speeches. Students learn to choose speaking topics and adapt them for specific audiences, to research and support their ideas, and to benefit from listener feedback. They study how to incorporate well-designed visual and multimedia aids in presentations and how to maintain a credible presence in the digital world. Students also learn about the ethics of public speaking and about techniques for managing communication anxiety.


Some of practices and projects in class will include mirror reflection activities, telling a story through photographys, and creating a commercial on getting people to vote!  This class will be responsive to the ideas of the students, so look for lots of fabulous speaking projects coming out of this class!