Physical Science

Designed for the Logic Stage of a Classical Education Model

Stephanie Durruty

11-14 year olds


Curriculum: Physics for the Logic Stage.   Provided for you in this class.

Recommended:  The suggested spine for homework is DK Encyclopedia for Science.  This will simplify the homework, and be a reference for many other science classes! The student text gives page numbers and sections to read for homework in spine.

Note:   Students may purchase the associated Class Kit from Elemental Science for $100 here:  This kit will include everything nexessary for all experiments for the entire year.    Students that do not want to purchase the kit can collect the mostly house-hold items prior to class to participate in the laboratory experiments.   See list of items that will be necessary for the experiments here.   Please purchase your kit with time to spare so that it arrives prior to classes starting!   There will not be a kit provided in this class, so that parents can decide how they want to manage funds for lab experiments.

Homework:   Required

This class will cover the scientific vocabulary and concepts that go with the week’s topic.  There is a short video to enhance understanding and illustrate concepts found in the world around us that we will watch together each week. Students will explore the concepts with a hands-on lab activity.  There will be short homework assignments each week which we discuss as a class and assessments at the end of each unit.  Students will be asked to give one oral report on a physics’ scientist and do their own science experiment for the class at some point throughout the year.

This is a yearlong class divided into 3 trimesters.  Here are the topics to be covered each trimester.

Fall:  forces, friction, gravity, motion, speed, acceleration, energy, pressure, and simple machines.

Winter: heat, engines, sound, acoustics, light, reflection, refraction, vision, color and optics.

Spring: electricity, conductors, insulators, batteries, circuits, magnetism, electromagnetism, motors, generators, engineering, bridges, and tunnels.