Phonics for Reading and Spelling, Penmenship & Presentation

Teacher:   Valerie Boness

Ages:  5-7


Class Fees:

$286 or $276 if taking 2 or more classes

New students will have an additional $5 fee for the book that goes with this course.   Continuing students will use their book that they received in the Fall session.



Our year long class will use fun creative play with centers as well as guided teachingt time to focus on spelling rules, more advanced reading including digraphs (two letters representing one sound, like ey, ou, ar), handwriting and building confidence in sharing our ideas with others!   We’ll cover spelling and phonics rules of different letters/digraphs each week.  We will use a variety of games, books, and manipulatives to build on phonetic sounds.  The syllabus for each session will outline what we'll be learning each week, and children will be encouraged to bring an item from home to represent the sound of the week!   They will practice presenting to the class each week building the confidence of public speaking in front of peers in a small Inviting setting. We will also work on penmanship and correct letter formation throughout the year using a handwriting technique and work book by Zaner Boser followed by dictation to write out short sight/high frequency words.  



We will continue to practice sight words and learn new phonics sounds practice our weekly spelling words through a variety of games.  But this last trimester we will really be diving into writing.  This winter we have done lots of complete the sentence activities as well as building sentences with our flash cards so we will start some basic writing prompts each week as well as a weekend adventure journal that we will share during show and tell.