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Personal Leadership Skills

Ages: 11-14

Teacher:  Jessica Hartley Garcia

Homework:  Yes!


The Personal Leadership Skills course will assist students in successfully navigating through some of the most important social-emotional turning points of this age stage.  This course sets students up for perspective, understanding, confidence, and powerful growth in the journey of self-discovery.  In each class, students will have the opportunity to discuss, practice, and apply the skills necessary for personal and social leadership; stepping more fully into being guided by their own moral compass, resolving conflicts with greater wisdom, and having the confidence to speak as a steward for good.


1.1: Skill Foundations

Fall topics will focus on skills for personal leadership; exploring personal values, understanding the power of our thoughts, overcoming the self-critic, victimization, navigating emotions, friendships, peer pressure, assessing boundaries, and building resilience.


Winter will focus on skills for conflict resolution; understanding triggers, big emotions, projections, why conflicts arise, using boundaries, the power of empathy, forgiveness, and understanding, while learning a path for easy conflict resolution.


In Spring we focus on speaking our truth; understanding the power of trust and integrity, using our own voice for good, being the example, and learning how to speak with influence.



*Personal Leadership Skills is recommended as a 2-year course split every other year, 1.1 and 1.2 consecutively.  Leadership Skills 1.2, offered next year, will provide students with opportunities for deepening the skillset and immersion as they set personal and academic goals and take on leadership roles throughout the year.

Jessica Hartley Garcia is a spiritual guide, beloved teacher, and Relationship Coach.  She holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology and speaks widely on the topics of Healing Deep Wounds, Communication, Marriage, Relationship, and Conscious Parenting.  She served as a powerful public mentor hosting the “Thriving Relationships” radio Program which aired weekly in 2019 on KHTS, the local Santa Clarita radio station.  Her Leadership classes offer a rare opportunity to learn some of the most important life lessons early on.  Jessica’s warmth exudes as she provides each of her students with a space to feel valued and heard.  She introduces the wisdom of her field in tangible ways for a happy, empowered, and well-lived life.  


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