Partnerships at HuckleBerry!


We're always looking for innovators in our community to bring new and exciting learning opportunities to Huck for your kids.   If you know of someone or some place you want to bring to our community, contact us at!




Much Ado About Shakepeare

Much Ado About Shakespeare, LLC is a professional educational program that brings the joy of theater and William Shakespeare’s works to homeschool students.  In the Shakespeare programs, Much Ado combines technique workshops in areas such as stage combat, Elizabethan dance and acting with rehearsal classes focused on selected Shakespearean plays.  Most of these programs then culminate in student Shakespearean productions for the community. Much Ado also offers programs in Playwriting, Improvisation and Commedia dell’Arte, as well as workshops in performance skills like Stage Combat, Voice and Acting.

We are process-focused, rather than product-focused.  Although our programs involve performance, our emphasis is on the students’ classroom experiences of learning and discovery as they encounter the world of classical theatre.  We design each class to educate the students about not only acting and the theatre, but also the particular skills and knowledge involved in bringing Shakespeare’s plays to life.  Our classes favor physical movement and active learning over traditional lectures.  The richness of the lessons lies more in the doing and feeling than in the intellectualizing of material.  We feel that classes/rehearsals should be fun and engaging for all types of learners.  We value the fact that each student learns in his or her unique way and therefore, do everything possible to meet the individual needs of each student.

 Much Ado’s mission is to create in each class a student ensemble that explores the world of the theatre and the works of William Shakespeare in a fun and non-competitive environment



Movies By Kids!

MOVIES BY KIDS is a creative program designed for teaching young students the exciting process of movie making and animation. This unique “Hand’s On” program offers children the opportunity to conceive, write, produce and direct their own, animated movies, live action shorts and special effects segments in one of our in school, after school, summer camp programs. Movie By Kids has been running these programs successfully to an expanding number of cites inside and outside of California.  Our goal is to enable children to “experience their imagination” in a safe, nurturing environment, with an age appropriate curriculum taught by industry professionals who know what They're doing and love what they do.



Quest In Science! 

Quest in Science is dedicated to academic excellence through an inquiry based learning method.  We have been practicing "hands-on" science education since 1979, long before it became a buzzword.  For us, hands-on means teaching based on activities that engage both a student's mind and hands, and that make science interesting, exciting, and challenging.  Students participate, learn teamwork, master a wide variety of assessment techniques, retain more of what they learn, and carry their enthusiasm home with them.   Come play with science at HuckleBerry!




The Simi Valley Library

Starting in September of 2016, HuckleBerry is partnering with the Simi Valley Library to bring homeschooling conversations, workshops and more into the Simi Valley Community.    Stay tuned for our calendar of events!


The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

HuckleBerry has become an affiliate of the Gilder Lehrman Institute!   Gilder Lehrman provides an amazing array of American History original documents, lesson plans, essay contests and more so that kids can have a truly authentic experience of our nations history!