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What We're Passionate About At HuckleBerry

Welcome to HuckleBerry!

We're so happy to be a part of so many educational journeys!  At HuckleBerry, we work hard to partner with our families to provide educational experiences that help all of our students discover or expand a joy of learning with an end-goal of becoming self directed in all of their educational endevours.   We believe that a child that loves learning, has the tools to think through difficult problems, the courage and stamina necessary to the achieve their goals, is unafraid of taking risks, and sometimes failing, will be able to achieve whatever they set out to accomplish in their lives.


To help children develop these essential core skills, we provide a suite of classes that are designed to help kids develop critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills, and perhaps most importantly, learn to respect others and work well in a team.   In the world that our children will inherit, these skills will be the only constant that we can ensure that they will find!  Technology will change the world into something we may not recognize, but we will always need people that can innovate and work well with others.


While our classes tend to be fun and sometimes loud, don't think that there isn't serious learning going on here!   Our kids overwhelmingly tend to figure out where their gifts are early!   We think the key to happiness in life is to know and accept yourself, and grow in the areas of your gifts.  We call this a strengths-based education, and this is at the root of how we individualize learning for each child.   Instead of trying to help everyone to have the same education, we recognize that children that are encouraged to indulge in their strengths become young adults that are confident self learners.  What more could a parent want?


We hope you will find something at HuckleBerry that interests your child, that helps them to grow academically and personally, and most of all, that they enjoy this journey!



Stephanie Berry

​Founder / Executive Director

What's up with the name HuckleBerry?

A lot of people have asked - why HuckleBerry?   When we started HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning in 2007, we knew we wanted a literary name that would help describe our feelings that children are best educated through experiences and not through book work.   We wanted people to know that we placed a very high value on partnering with families to help children build  high moral values and be able to make good decisions, especially when it's hard!   We also wanted a name that helped people to remember that great education comes from great  mentors that care about them, and not just sitting in a classroom or doing busy work.   We think Mark Twain's famous character Huckleberry Finn says it all!   Huck's education is very self directed, his best learning comes from his mentors and his experiences, and he exhibits very high morals when faced with difficult decisions.   While we do have class rooms, our style of learning is much more like Huck's life than a standard classroom!   We include projects and activities in all that we teach - because everyone learns better when they are enjoying themselves and when they can get their hands AND their thoughts into what they are learning!   We invite our community into our center on a regular basis, and we also reach out to help our community through service projects.  We hope your child will enjoy their adventures with us as much as Huckleberry Finn enjoyed his own adventures!

Our Mission

We are creating a learning environment that will help children develop skills in creativity, critical thinking and team building while connecting to their love of learning. Each subject we teach will incorporate creative hands on projects and will be an opportunity to develop these skills while growing educationally. To do this, we will partner with innovative experts that believe all children can learn better when they are enjoying themselves! We strive to provide these opportunities to all children, through affordable classes and 1:1 tutoring.


Affordability is core to the HuckleBerry experience.   We look to individualize the educational experience and help every child find their gifts - no matter what their family background.   Because this is central to our vision of education, class revenues will never cover our expenses.   We look to our community to help support our center through our fund raising and generous giving


HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning is a non-profit public benefit corporation led by the founder, Stephanie Berry.  The non-profit structure was selected primarily because our model is to channel any profits directly back into the center, and we are building HuckleBerry as a model for other communities to replicate. The returns we provide are a community of children that are excited about learning, are able to pursue subjects that interest them and are developing critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills and learning to collaborate powerfully. Our staff includes experienced and innovative teachers that emphasize these skills in the educational process and design learning experiences with these objectives in mind.   Our classes are open to all children, irrespective of how they are being educated.