Teacher:   Stephanie Berry

Ages:  13+


$236 - 10 week class

Mondays 10:00 - 11:30

Will also be recorded, so you can attend this live online, or just view the recorded session!


Crucial Conversations are high stakes conversations.   They're the ones that can easily go sideways and ruin trust or friendships, or job opportunities.   One minute you're in a slightly uncomfortable situation, and the next minute, you or your friend has gone either silent or hugely aggressive.   And you wonder why you never saw this side of this person, or yourself, before?   But can we learn tools to manage these conversations to be less volatile?   Of course we can!   This skill is probably going to be the best tool in your toolbox throughout life.   Friendships will eventually end up having a Crucial Conversation.   Conversations with a manager will eventually turn crucial.   How about difficult conversations with parents?   Teachers?   Peers?  In collaborative teams?   In life, we find ourselves in high stakes conversations much more frequently than we would imagine.  


Helping students manage their way their difficult conversations, reinterpreting words and actions more powerfully, holding up mirrors to our own actions and objectives - this is what we do at HuckleBerry all day long!   Finally we have time to really talk with our teens and develop the skills to manage through these conversations. 


In class we will practice with heated conversations, conversations that start well and end badly, turning conversations around, settling down conversations, asking more questions, gaining clarity, observing self and our own objectives, signs to know when our objectives are not being achieved, when conversations have switched, partners that go silent and how to bring them back into the conversation, and so much more!  


This class is loosely based on the book Crucial Conversations.   If you haven't read it, get it now.  Start.  You'll love it...