Nature Meets STEM

 An All Boy Edu-Pod.

Days:  Tuesday through Friday

The objective of this Pod is to create a small learning community, so we are starting off this offering asking families to make a 4 day a week commitment.

Times:  9:00 - 1:00

Length of Edu-Pod:  10 weeks.   September 8th - November 13  

Max number of students:  6

Ages:  10-14

Price:  $1,600 for 40 classes (4 days / week) or $825 for 20 classes (2 days/week).

Meeting Place:  Local park and/or the backyard of a Pod Family home.

 Location:  Santa Clarita to San Fernando Valley

Pod Captain:  Alex Stroh


Is your child craving learning with friends?   How about being out in nature?   Wanting some hands-on learning that incorporates Math, Science, Language Arts, Critical Thinking, Public Speaking and more?    If you need to bring more FUN into your learning, while still making sure that your kids are learning valuable skills,  then join us for our newest Pod - The Nature Meets STEM Pod!  


  • We’re including Camping and Survival skills like pitching and breaking down tents, cleaning dirty water, survival knot-tying, navigation and more!  

  • One week we learn All About Astronomy, and then gather together for a Star Party in the evening!  

  • In our Aeronautics unit we’ll learn about lift, thrust, drag and weight!   We’ll use all of these concepts to make the World’s Best Paper Airplane, and then create other model airplanes from balsa wood to more durable models.. 

  • Pinewood Derby Cars to build and race will teach us both engineering and physics while our unit on tripwires and timers designed to protect your special stuff will teach all about electricity, tripping events, and experimentation. 

  • When we are learning the art of making chain reactions we’ll re-connect with physics, but also work on patience!   One wrong move and your chain reaction fails!  How do we work together to get these to work? 

  • We’ll also be communicating with secret codes, ciphers and Morse code, which incorporates both pattern creation and recognition and of course- Math!   We’ll learn some of our best stories about secret codes; the Navajo code talkers, Code Breakers in WWII, and more! 

  • When we become an entrepreneur we’ll produce our product, learn how to use spreadsheets to track our expenses and profit, learn basic accounting for businesses,marketing schemes and more!   We’ll make our own marketing pitch and put it on our Social Media site and then host our own Seller’s Market. 


Your child will be immersed in Nature and STEM with a set group of friends in a safe environment.  


We’ve filled this Pod with reading from books that we think boys will LOVE!   From My Side Of The Mountain where a young boy escapes New York to live in wilderness to Start Something That Matters where the creator of Tom’s Shoes teaches us how to start a new business, the boys are sure to find a new favorite book!  


Our weekly journals & videos will help us remember this time when we all got together, safely, to learn in a whole new way.   

Restricted to not more than 7 students.

Covid Rules include wearing masks, hand sanitizing, temperature check upon start of class.   Additional requirements will be reviewed with each parent.