Molecular Science for Middle School!

Instructor: Dr. Steve Yoshinaga
Thurs 9:30 - 11 am  AND 1:15 - 2:45

Ages:  11-14

Cost:  $240 or $230 / trimester if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments

Mat Fees:   $35


Homework:  YES.  It is expected that the student engage in online instructional videos as homework.

This science series is designed to engage middle school students in the joys of chemistry and biology. The course will review 5th - 8th grade California chemistry and biology standards in a fun and interactive way that is bound to leave students with a lifelong appreciation of the sciences. The class will reveal insights and connections with real life as chemistry and biology is all around us and within us.  Most students who take this class will look forward to high school science. This is a series of 30 molecular science classes - a full year at HuckleBerry!  The classes in this series are equal parts lectures, videos, hands-on experiments, and discussion.   Students are expected to be attentive during presentations and videos. Note taking is encouraged.
During group and individual activities, the student is expected to listen to instructions before engaging in the activity. Links to instructional videos will be provided for home activities.

Materials Needed:
Home computer and/or internet access (such as at a public library) for homework videos

One spiral notebook, with pockets, for notes, handouts, completed problems and independent assignments.




Part 3 of the Molecular Science series ventures into life. We learn how molecules like DNA and protein function to make the miracle of nature, life. We find that life works together to survive and how life itself is on a journey of change and adaptation. Some of our activities will include modeling DNA replication, extracting DNA, cracking the genetic code, and simulating evolution to explore this theory.   


Spring:   Biology
3/28 Biochemistry: Photosynthesis
4/4   Planet Earth
4/11 DNA to RNA to Protein
4/18 DNA Extraction Lab
4/25 Cells: The Basic Unit of Life
5/2   Microscope Lab
5/9   Genetics
5/16  Molecular Biology Revolution
5/23  Symbiosis
5/30  Evolution Theories


Fall:  Nature’s Shapes and Building Blocks
9/13 3-D Shapes and Tops
9/20 Magnetic Worlds
9/27 Molecules
10/4 The Molecule Game
10/11 Diamonds, Graphite, and Buckyballs
10/18 DNA Models
10/25 Viruses
11/1 Chemistry and You
11/8 Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons, oh my!
11/15 Periodic Table of the Elements


Winter:  Chemistry
1/10 In a State of Matter
1/17 Metals are Shiny
1/24 Chemical Reactions
1/31 Electrons and Electricity: Moving Electrons
2/7   Acids and Bases
2/14 pH Indicators
2/21 It’s a Gas
2/28 Crystals
3/7   Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
3/14 Polymers R Us




Dr. Steve has been teaching molecular science to homeschoolers for over 15 years. He brings real world experience to his science teaching, as his scientific research has helped us better understand gene regulation and factors involved in the immune response. He has published in the best scientific journals in the world. He wants his students to join him in science exploration and appreciation.