MISS Represented – a class for girls


The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker


Teacher:   Stephanie Berry

Ages:   14+

Cost:  $100 - full scholarships are available if needed

Mat Fees:   $30

Homework:   Yes - Required; 1+ hours a week for reading, research and writing.


Girls and women are represented in all facets of life, but they are mis-represented.  The objective of this series of classes is to help each girl become her own version of a leader. 


  • Women make up 51% of the population and only 17% of Congress

  • Women hold only 3% of clout positions in the mainstream media

  • The United States is ranked 90th in the world in terms of the number of women in national legislatures

  • Women make up only 3% of Fortune 500 CEOs

  • Women comprise 7% of directors and 13% of film writers in the top 250 grossing films


WHY?    Perhaps it is at least partially because of how women and girls are portrayed in our media.  Young adults watch an average of 10 hours of media a day.   Between YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, gossip magazines that we cannot avoid in the grocery stores, talk shows, sitcoms, “reality” TV shows, Superbowl ads, billboards, Victoria Secret ads and more, our media has become the predominant communicator of what a girl should look like, how she should be treated, and what she should be focused on.   Through the media, young people are being sold the concept that women and girls’ value lies in their youth, beauty, and sexuality.


In the Spring semester, we will continue our study of Media Literacy and examples of Leadership in Women and Girls from all countries.   Our focus will continue to be on Strong Body Image, Perfecting our Internal Narratives about Self, Learning about Leaders and Leadership and Advocacy.




In this class we will be watching the movie MissRepresentation, along with several TED talks surrounding the topics of photoshopped images and how women and girls become marginalized.  But more importantly, we will be watching talks of how women and girls can find their authentic voice and support other girls in their individual journey.   Our reading, journals, collages, letters to representatives in our legislature and our community work will be driven by the goal of helping our girls to help themselves, and other girls, to represent themselves powerfully.


We will have several community speakers to come and talk to the girls about their own journey and to become a support network for our girls.    We will learn simple things that we can do to support ourselves and each other, and also delve into more complex practices to shift our mindset into a more powerful voice.


We will be reading several pivotal voices and writing about our reading based on theme's that each student finds relevant.   We have enjoyed writing letters to advertisers in the Winter quarter expressing ourselves about their ads, and will continue to advocate for strong female portrayals in Media in the Spring quarter.


The objective of this series of classes is to help each girl become her own version of a leader.   This is the second part of a planned program at HuckleBerry that addresses the issue of female health & empowerment.


Preview the movie MissRepresentation here to ensure you are OK with your daughter viewing this message and images.