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Media Literacy & Journalism

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.

Alice Walker


While Print Media might be dying in America, Journalism has never been more important!   In this class, we explore the many ways of writing about things that matter to us.    When we study Media Literacy, we are really practicing Critical Thinking.  We're always wondering about the objective of what we're reading.   Has critical information been left out?   Are the statistics accurate and what do they mean?   What would the opposing view say? 


We will also look at unrepresented, or underrepresented voices in the media, and how they are portrayed within media.

In this class we will be watching excerpts from the movie MissRepresentation, along with several TED talks surrounding the topics of how we become marginalized by not speaking up.  But more importantly, we will be watching talks of how young people can find their authentic voice and support other people in their individual journey.   Our reading, journals, collages, letters to representatives in our legislature and our community work will be driven by the goal of helping our students to help themselves, and other students, to represent themselves powerfully.

Journalism today comprises more than just Print Media.   While we'll be reading about the disappearance of Print Media, we'll also be looking about the rise of other forms of media, and how to ensure we are not being manipulated.


We will be reading several pivotal voices and writing about our reading based on theme's that each student finds relevant.   We will enjoy writing letters to advertisers in the Winter session, expressing ourselves about ads, and will continue to advocate for strong student portrayals in Media in the Spring session.


The objective of this series of classes is to help each student become their own version of a leader using Media, in whatever is their preferred form.