Mastering Multiplication and Division with Skip-Counting and More!


Teacher:  Valerie Boness

Ages:  6-8


Class Fees:

Winter & Spring:  10 weeks:  $286 or $276 if taking 2 or more classes


Prerequisites:  Students need to be able to count to 100 comfortably and recognize numbers 1-20 in written form prior to taking this class.


In this fun class we will use Skip Counting as a foundational skill to achieve mastery in multiplication and division.  Through our use of the number line, games and activities, we will also solidify our addition/subtraction skills.   We will learn to conceptualize the ideas behind multiplication (fast adding) through usage of the number line, counting on it as we sing along with our songs.  We’ll also be playing several different math “grouping” games and using math manipulatives to master concrete concepts before moving to the abstract language of math.  Skip Counting with Songs is a fun and creative building block for math, a precursor for the concepts of multiplication and division. We will use familiar tunes like 3 blind mice and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to teach children to skip count by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, and all the way up through skip counting by 12’s from memory! Every week we will make a short “music video” of our new song that will be sent out to parents via our classes Google Classroom so you can practice the songs at home!   No other homework will be given in this class, so you can still follow your own curriculum at home, and use this class to add a fun component to your math skill development.  Each week children will also be invited to come dressed for our learning!   They may pair up with a friend to match for twin day when we count by 2’s or wear sunglasses as we count by 3s to the tune of the 3 blind mice. We will also work on correct written number formation as we write out the numbers for our songs.  Once multiplication facts are memorized, division comes easily, and we’ll be practicing division skills


Fall:   We will use Skip Counting Songs, the Number Line, Games and Activities to master multiplication and division through the 8s.    Students will also learn to name 2 & 3 digit numbers larger than 20, mastering the idea of 1s, 10s and 100s (place value to 100).   Students will also be solidifying ideas of addition as they compare concepts like 2X3 and 2+2+2.


Winter:  We will continue the ideas of our Fall class as we master multiplication and division through the 12s.    (We may move faster based on our class, and start our Spring concepts in this class.)



We will continue to review multiplication and practice our facts for speed as well as revisit our skip counting songs.  New this trimester we will apply our multiplication facts to division using counting up method.  

We will again pair off with math buddies as we complete timed test minute math races 

Also with our math buddies we will play various games focused on division concepts.  These games are given to the students in their binders to take home after they have practiced in class so they can play again and again helping them to truly master their facts!  

We will end our year with a skip counting concert sharing our songs at Huck parent night/graduation.