World History:  Marching Through the Middle Ages


Teacher:  Margo Bardard

Ages:   12-14

Mat Fees:  $30

Cost:  $230 or $210 if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into three equal payments.

This class is planned as a full year of World History with this first quarter covering the Middle Ages.


This  course in World History covers geography, civics, politics, economics, religion and cultural changes that were part of the the world from the fall of the Roman Empire through the rise of the European nation.  The objective of this course is to encourage students to develop an integrated knowledge of changing world cultures. We will investigate how countries evolved over time and the resulting cultural, political and economic shifts.


Join us as we learn about Charlemagne and create a Social Media "profile" for this legendary king!  Who would have "liked" him?  What was he known for and how did he accomplish his goals?   We'll look at first person accounts of the feudal system and see what life was like as a Serf, Knight, Lord, or King.   How did this system pave the way to revolt?    We'll look at the growth of the Catholic Church, the Crusades and the Siege of Jerusalem.  In our study of the Magna Carta we will look at original documents that will help us understand the birth of our own government.   No study of the Middle Ages would be complete without an understanding of the Black Death and how this decimated Europe and made way for the Renaissance.   Student activities will include a re-mapping of the Bayeux Tapestry, recreating one of the Canterbury Tales, building a Sun Dial and so much more!