Making Stop Action Animation Films!

Star Wars, SuperHeroes, Bedtime Stories and More!


 Teacher: Jeremiah Solis

Ages: 6-9

Mat Fees: $25

Cost:  $240 or $230 if taking 2 or more classes.  Can be split into 3 equal payments.   Price is for one quarter only.

Homework: Bring to class your favorite Star Wars, Superhero comic book, Bedtime Story or Brand New idea!  
Let your child’s imagination run wild as they bring to life their favorite Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Superhero movie or Bedtime Story! 


Students will be using stop-motion animation to create their new films.   This class is an extraordinary way of combining creativity and technology, while allowing children to create stories from their very own point of view.  
Students collaborate, share ideas, learn patience, attention to detail, communication skills, and even some photography – all while having fun.
If your child is creative, learning to write, learning to color or draw, has a great imagination, loves movies or watching their favorite TV shows, then they will love this class.  
Students can work individually or in groups.  
Students will write and create stories, learn about storyboards, build characters, design sets and backgrounds, create titles, credits, add music and even add their very own voices to their movies. 
Stop motion animation is a technique by which physical objects appear to be moving on screen. This is done by taking a still photograph, moving the object a little, taking another photograph, moving the object again, and so on… Repeating this process is what creates the illusion of movement. Modern technology has made this process incredibly simple and easy to understand.