Logic and Problem-Solving Math Circle



Teacher:   Lydia DiBlasio

Ages:  10-12

Class Fees:   $240 or $230 if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments

Mat Fees:   $25




               The UCLA Math Circle has been brought to Huck!


In this collaborative workshop class, students will experience how to apply mathematical and logical concepts through games, patterns, puzzles, and more! Much of the material comes directly from the UCLA Math Circle. This lesson plan will guide the students towards understanding the importance of working together and finding creative ways to solve using a logical approach. Following the traditions of Russian and Eastern European math circles, the Math Circle material focuses on showcasing the beauty of mathematics and its applications, improving problem solving skills, and creating a social context for mathematically inclined students.


The goal of this class is to teach participants to develop a thought process that focuses on how to solve problems!   This will prepare them for any type of future career they wish to pursue. In addition, students will be challenged to work with their peers in order to solve a series of topics throughout the trimester.


My goal as the leader of this Math Circle based class is to use logic to break down math concepts, so math doesn’t seem so daunting. A sample of the topics covered will include game theory, zombie apocalypse modeling, and hexaflexagons, with tons of code-breaking and puzzle assortments for multiple levels of knowledge.


There is no minimum skill requirement to join! The material focuses on discerning ordering and patterns and will not need memorization or fact-based expertise. There is also no level too advanced for this class discussion! The material is tailored to constantly build upon itself and increase difficulty including further step questions and bonus sections. Come and take a step deeper into your educational journey by training your mind to solve problems!


About Lydia:

Lydia has been a homeschool student at HuckleBerry since its doors first opened! Through the freedom of homeschool exploration, she found her passion in mathematics and logical problem solving. During high school, Lydia completed many college level math and computer science courses at LA Mission College and The Master’s University. Now recently graduated, Lydia intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree in mathematics in Fall 2019. She is an active member of the UCLA math circle since eighth grade and has risen to assist classes for younger UCLA Math Circle students. Her goal is to take math out of the textbook and desires to spread her love of mathematics by encouraging and sharing the creativity this subject has to offer.