Literature & Writing using The Great Books!



Teacher:  Kristin Atwood

Ages:  5-8

Mat Fees:  $35 - includes 3 booklets with all of our stories with space and beautiful pages for our writing and drawing activities

Class Fees:  $235 or $225 if taking 2 or more classes


We are so excited to bring the Great Books to Huck!   In this class, we will start by having high quality literature read to the class, and then we will gather together and share our thoughts about our wonderful stories.   Kids love to talk about these stories, and our sharing time will help our kids to increase their reading comprehension in a very fun way.   We will also be learning new vocabulary in the most meaningful way; from our stories!   Beginning reading instruction of both sight words and phonics lessons will also be a part of our learning.   Kids will also really enjoy listening to stories and exploring them together!    


When we read the Japanese tale Yoshi's Feast we’ll learn how two men learn how to cooperate with each other. Through our story we’ll learn about Japanese culture. Students will get to create their own dim

dim drum, learn a folk dance, and do an art project on the kimono. We will be acting out stories to help increase reading comprehension. In each lesson, we will be practicing reading comprehension through group discussion and activities, beginning writing exercises and group and individual reading lessons.  This gentle program differentiates easily to all learners.   Some children will draw their responses to the questions about the story.  Some children will want to start to write, and will complete copy work from the board, while others will start to write full sentences!    Our goal is to help each child gain additional skills in listening, figuring out, reading and writing!