Projects In The Life Sciences


Teacher:   Veronica Stanley-Hooper

Ages:  11-14


Class Fees:

Winter & Spring:  10 weeks:  $280 or $270 if taking 2 or more classes


Please bring your journal from the fall session back to class for the winter session as we will be adding to these. New students will receive a journal.



This 10 week course that meets once per week offers a general overview of middle school life science through hands-on interactive lessons. Students will complete models of plant and animal cells, and a 3D working model of lungs. Also on the agenda are paper dissections of a worm, crayfish, and frog, along with two STEM challenges that ask students to create a filtration model that mimics the work of a kidney and a heart model with at least 2 chambers. The dissection of an owl pellet will be completed on the last day of class. Parents should be aware that the paper dissection models and coordinating materials do discuss the organ systems of each creature (worm, crayfish, and frog) including the reproductive system. Words like sperm, eggs, testes, ovary, fertilization, and the scientific names and functions for all body parts associated with the creatures are used. Students should be able to act maturely in groups.



During the winter session of Projects in MS Life Science the students will be exploring the nervous system, DNA, genetics, genetic mutations, and ecosystems through hands-on projects. Students will complete the following projects: strawberry DNA extraction, genetic traits through clay models, building a biodome, STEM challenge to build a prosthetic device, and more. Students will also complete paper dissections to further study the anatomy of living creatures in relationship to humans.