Legends in Literature


Teacher:   Ellen Hillman

Ages:  12+

Class Fees:   $240 or $230 if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments

Mat Fees:   $30



This class is based on an Alaskan legend of betrayal, courage and survival  by Velna Wallis, Two Old Women.  Over the course of the trimester students will read this riveting book and be responsible for weekly assignments including comprehension assessment through essays, multiple choice quizzes, and activities designed to examine character traits, plot development, conflict resolution, point of view, and irony.  There is an emphasis on the trials and tribulations of nomadic tribes in the polar region around Alaskan rivers and their tributaries.  Students get a distinct taste of the sights and sounds of this region, as well as a comprehensive overview of the culture and customs of this fascinating group of people.  This story will be supplemented with poems and biographical insights into the life of the author.


Students will enhance their written skills as well as oral skills by participation in discussions, oral reading, role play, and debates.  Additionally, students will create character maps, and design illustrations of selected scenes and passages.

This course is appropriate for middle school through high school students.